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William B. Brady, D.D.S., M.S.

Airway Enhancement

According to recent studies, over 25 Million American men and women, over age 25, have mild to severe symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).  This serious sleep deprivation condition, if untreated causes more than 41,000 new cases of heart disease each year, costing more than $47 Billion annually, and killing more than 23% of these individuals.  Additionally, patients with moderate to severe untreated OSA are 400 to 1,000% more likely to be involved in a auto accident than the general population.  This Insidious problem, can now be successfully Attenuated or even Eliminated by Advanced Orthodontic Treatment.

Airway enhancement treatment in adults usually includes collaboration with a sleep physician specialist and/or a restorative dentist educated in sleep disordered breathing.  Adult treatment may involve non-surgical or surgically assisted expansion and/or advancement of either or both the upper and lower jaws in addition to other necessary and associated orthodontic procedures.  These airway development modalities can be accelerated up to 400% faster using the new techniques presented in the "Accelerated Orthodontics" section.

Children can also have similar compromised airways but differ from adults in their symptoms.  They may display signs of ADHD, irritability, loss of focus, snoring and often lower grades in school.  Diagnosis of airway problems is appropriate as early as age 4 or 5 with treatment typically starting at age 6 or 7 depending upon the severity of symptoms and the presence of enlarged tonsils or adenoids.  Airway development may include non-surgical expansion and/or advancement of the upper jaw as well as a similar expansion and/or advancement of the lower jaw.  Correction of excessive overjet (extended protrusion of the upper jaw over the lower jaw) may also be improved by the early use of removable myofunctional growth appliances. 

The outcome of early Airway Development in Children, as well as Airway Enhancement in Adults is often Lifesaving  ........  
                           But it Always Results in a dramatic Improvement in an individual's Quality of Life.



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