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Discover the personal experience, and life changing results from Dr. Brady's Personalized Style of Orthodontics.  Dr. Brady's pride for excellence has been the motivation behind his personal "one on one care", necessary for developing an appropriate orthodontic treatment plan as individualized as you are. The hallmark style of Dr. Brady's practice is treating one patient at a time. This enables each patient to have the undivided attention necessary for thoughtful and appropriate orthodontic treatment decisions devoted to achieving your Perfect Smile or your Effective Airway Enhancement.  

Relax in a private atmosphere with one of the most highly qualified Orthodontists in Southern California, devoted to your every orthodontic need.  For over thirty years Dr. Brady has been achieving outstanding results, with even the most difficult of orthodontic problems, for more than 12,000 children and adults.  At Newport Center Orthodontics our patients benefit dramatically from state-of-the-art treatment techniques to achieve the ultimate in both functional and cosmetic goals to obtain that Perfect Smile, you've always wanted or have that Improved Quality of Life with Successful Airway Enhancement. 

Newport Center Orthodontics is an Interdisciplinary Orthodontic Practice.  Prior to the commencement of any Orthodontic treatment or Airway Correction, an all inclusive conference is held with all of your  designated professionals, Dental or (Medical, in the case of Airway Enhancement), to discuss and coordinate an appropriate treatment plan.  Because of this strong dedication to the pursuit of excellence and the cooperation involving each of your own dental/medical professionals, Newport Center Orthodontics will continue to provide the ultimate in Orthodontic and Airway Enhancement Care available even for the most Discriminating Individual.

Life is Full of Options ...... Before beginning your Orthodontic Care elsewhere, please call Newport Center Orthodontics, to schedule your free, personal evaluation in an environment that is solely built around you and your personal needs. Experience the vast difference between the fast paced clinic environment of most orthodontic offices, and encounter the uplifting personal style of Dr. Brady ..... After all, shouldn’t this experience be a Personal One ---- All About You?

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