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young girl holding dental model with braces and invisalign clear aligners Crooked or misaligned teeth and improper jaw growth can not only affect your development but also lower your confidence. Since 1970, Newport Center Orthotropic Orthodontics has provided children, adolescents, and adults with life-changing orthotropic and orthodontic services.

Led by Dr. William B. Brady, our friendly team has the knowledge to identify, address, and prevent complications associated with your teeth and jaws. Dr. Brady is one of California’s few orthotropic-trained orthodontists and is passionate about harmonious facial development.

We’re conveniently located off the SR 1 near Newport Center. Our staff is proud to provide effective orthodontics for Newport Beach, Corona del Mar, and Huntington Beach residents. Call us today to schedule your next appointment!


What Is Orthotropics?

Orthotropics is a branch of dentistry that helps correct unhealthy facial growth patterns. Without intervention, uncorrected facial development can lead to misaligned bites and airway issues.

Treatments for children, adolescents, and adults can vary, but typically Dr. Brady will recommend non-invasive procedures that gradually change the position of the upper and lower jaws. Braces, appliances, and headgear can all aid in harmonious facial development. We have seen orthotropic treatment deliver remarkable and life changing results in the lives of many patients by focusing on the causes of irregular facial development, rather than the symptoms.

Orthodontic & Orthotropic Treatments We Offer

At Newport Center Orthotropic Orthodontics, we have decades of experience adapting to the unique dental requirements of children, adolescents, and adults. We offer a wide range of orthodontic and orthotropic treatments to meet your needs. Our Newport Beach orthodontist is eager to answer all your questions and you can contact our team anytime, 24/7!

Our services include, but are not limited to:

Skilled and Compassionate Care

woman patient visiting newport beach orthodontistWe strive to make each visit a comfortable experience. From our receptionists to our dental assistants, we’re excited to get to know you on a personal level.

Our office has spent decades providing expert orthodontic and orthotropic services. We stay up to date with the latest technology and clinical treatments. Regardless of the nature of your needs, we have the experience and knowledge to help you reach your ideal smile.

Your Trusted Newport Beach Orthodontist

Having a smile that you’re confident in can make a world of difference in your life. We’re proud to help you achieve your ideal smile through comprehensive and skilled treatments. At Newport Orthotropic Orthodontics, we want to help you take the next step in your dental journey. Give us a call to speak to one of our friendly receptionists and schedule your appointment today!


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