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William B. Brady, D.D.S., M.S.


Dear Newport Center Orthodontics,

Dr. William Brady was recommended by my dentist because my orthodontic problem included a severe jaw overbite relationship which my dentist said needed an expert orthodontic practitioner to diagnose and to treat. Dr. Brady was very willing to tackle my extreme case and has been exceedingly professional and able in both his communication and case planning skills. After completing and solving my difficult orthodontic problem, I could not be more pleased with the very successful outcome, and will continue to recommend Dr. Brady highly to my friends, family and patients.

P.S. In each of my visits to Dr. Brady's office I have noted that he has been able to surround himself with highly trained and very skilled orthodontic assistants, which aids in continuing his enduring reputation and professional success.

Dr. S. Steven R., M.D.

Dr. Brady, as you know I have been an Orange County businessman for several years. I never thought that my crooked front teeth ever affected my marketing success until I came to you, with my wife's insistence, and began orthodontic treatment with Invisalign. After completing the job in record time, I now feel that indeed a pleasant smile is extremely important to a salesperson's self-confidence, and that sales effectiveness may be increased by a factor of several fold with a new beautiful smile. Dr. Brady, thank you for your fine professional work, and I will continue to recommend you and your fine staff every time I get the chance.

Robert G.

I am an Oral Surgeon and my wife, Sally, is a Restorative Dentist practicing in a city 75 miles from Newport Beach. Due to the complexity of my malocclusion, my wife referred me to Dr. William Brady, as she has also done for many of her patients who have presented varying types of orthodontic problems. My wife has learned from her previous referrals that Dr. Brady has demonstrated incredible diagnostic and orthodontic skills to be able to handle these complex cases.

My orthodontic work was just recently completed in record time and Dr. Brady did an outstanding job of managing the root cause (severe muscular imbalance) of my malocclused teeth. I could not be happier with my experience at Dr. Brady's office, and will continue to refer my patients and likewise encourage my wife to continue her referral of all her orthodontic cases, simple or complex to Dr. Brady and his wonderful, highly trained staff.

Dr. Lane L., Oral Surgeon

Dr. Brady, I want to thank you and your staff for all the wonderful treatment you have given me. Before I started treatment my teeth were so awful and crooked and now they are so straight and beautiful. Before, I was so self-conscious that I would never smile out of embarrassment, now I smile all the time. Thank you - thank you, so very much.

Linda M.

As a child my teeth were straight and even, therefore I did not require any orthodontia treatment, but years later I had one upper and one lower tooth migrate forward quite a bit, and my lower teeth became very crowded. I approached my regular dentist for referral for Invisalign treatment, but he told me that he felt that my treatment was too complex for the Invisalign option. After telling my friend of my situation, she said that Dr. Brady had treated her children with excellent results and that I should see him for an opinion.

After a thorough initial examination, Dr. Brady said that he would combine full upper and lower Invisalign treatment, following the removal of a small lower front tooth and a short duration treatment with a few fixed braces to close the space created. Dr. Brady explained that he would pre-close the anticipated extraction space prior to the removal of the tooth, which would render the site of the extraction virtually undetectable. Dr. Brady went on further to mention that several years ago he pioneered in this combination treatment with clear aligner and fixed braces, and that he has taught many other orthodontic specialists how to successfully master this therapy.

I am very pleased with my present straight and beautiful teeth, successfully and skillfully treated by Dr. Brady and his fine staff. Additionally, he has always been willing to answer my questions and has been very flexible when I needed to change an appointment. I will continue to gratefully recommend Dr. Brady to all my friends and family.

Sue L.