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Orthodontic Technology

Orthodontic Technology There have been many scientific breakthroughs in the field of Orthodontic Treatment which have recently enabled orthodontics to be faster and more efficient, in addition to increasing the accuracy and predictability of treatment outcome.  Some of the many innovative concepts Newport Center Orthodontics is pleased to offer are:

"Dawson Diagnostic Wizard", a sophisticated digital/photo diagnostic system which has the capability of analyzing 21 different parameters of your smile and facial features at one time.  This is a new analytical method aiding in the development of an accurate, efficient treatment plan resulting in faster and more predicable orthodontic results.  This valuable and detailed information is able to be relayed to your restorative dentist for his interactive orthodontic/general dental review beween the orthodontist and other dental or medical specialists.

Periodontally Accelerated Orthodontics (formerly known as Wilckodontics), a method of completing either ordinary or very complex orthodontic treatment a great deal more rapidly than conventional orthodontic methodology (400% to 600% faster ---- finishing full orthodontic treatment in as short a time as 5 to 8 months) .

"Propel" Orthodontics, a new auxiliary device which has simplified Periodontally Accelerated Orthodontics by enhancing both accuracy and performance of the accelerated tooth movement activity.  This aids in shortening the duration of orthodontics treatment from 2 to 3 times faster. 

"Invisalign", brace free, clear tooth aligners which are nearly undetectable and are able to align teeth, as efficiently as braces with less visibility or sensitivity. 

Heat Activated Arch Wires, specially manufactured (alloyed) arch wires that react to the warmth of the mouth allowing comfortable and gentle pressures to align teeth more rapidly than was possible by earlier, less sophisticated arch wires.

Diminutive Metal and Ceramic Braces (Brackets) are much smaller and less visible than former braces (brackets), and when coupled with long acting heat activated arch wires are able to achieve more rapid tooth movement, while minimizing discomfort and reducing the "brace-face" appearance.

"AcceleDent System"  is an FDA approved soft-pulse activator, which in only 20 minutes a day will accelerate orthodontic tooth movement up to twice as fast. 

Temporary Anchorage Devices, which are known as TAD's , are small titanium mini-screws which assist the movement of teeth in both magnitude and direction and can be effective in eliminating many orthodontic procedures which were previously only possible with surgical augmentation.


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