Newport Center Orthotropics Enhanced Orthodontics
A Practice Focused on Airway & Facial Improvement
William B. Brady, D.D.S., M.S.

Early Orthotropics [5 To 11 YRS.]

Early Orthotropic treatment (between the ages 5 and 11 years old) is directed toward enlarging and enhancing the overall "Tongue Space" of the Oral Cavity. This is accomplished by slowly widening the upper and lower dental arches, and at the same time, the patient also is repeatedly self-repositioning their lower jaw (mandible) to its most forward (protractive) position with the help of a comfortable removable appliance. This allows a permanent forward growth of the lower jaw, during the patient's very active skeletal growth period.  Ultimately, this will result in a permanent horizontal (forward)) growth of the lower jaw.  The positive effect of this is to dramatically improved facial profile and to create a very robust Airway enhancement.   

The "principle goal" for effective treatment of Orthotropics for all ages, and especially in the Early Orthotropic treatment, is the ability for the patient to achieve an effective and duplicatable "Resting Oral Posture".  [The definition of "Resting Oral Posture" is:  1.  Lips comfortably closed; 2.  Teeth together; 3.  Tongue against the Palate].  The ability to achieve this proper "Resting Oral Posture" results in a "Life Changing" Facial profile improvement, as well as significant Airway enhancement.   

                                For a clearer concept of Early Orthotropics.   [please visit the Videos below:]  





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